Qualified Settlement Fund Services

Lordan CPA provides services and consulting for qualified settlement fund administration, including:

Financial Management • Tax Reporting and Filing • Distribution Management

Expense Management • Legal and Regulatory Compliance

The success of a qualified settlement fund depends on skillful administration. Every QSF needs an expert with specialized knowledge to guide it past complex financial and taxation issues to a successful conclusion.

Without an experienced QSF accounting professional on the team, a fund can be crippled by inattention, oversights, and, ultimately, lost value and purpose. Experience is key, and Lordan CPA brings over 25 years of accounting and industry expertise to every qualified settlement fund.

We have broad and deep experience in settlement fund accounting and finance, budgeting and analysis, settlement calculations and distributions, and tax compliance—the complete package for efficient, timely, and precise qualified settlement fund financial administration.

Lordan CPA offers:

Extensive experience in qualified settlement fund taxation management, including:

  • Acquisition of tax identification number
  • Preparing and filing form 1120-SF and related state forms
  • Tax and regulatory reporting for all aspects of QSF taxation, including payroll and excise taxes; Forms W-2, 1120, and others; and all related tax requirements

Experienced management and support of fund distributions, including:

  • Pro rata, per capita, and per stirpes calculations
  • Pre- and post-distribution cash management

Skillful and efficient qualified settlement fund expense management, including:

  • Bank fee containment
  • Quick and accurate reporting and disbursement using leading-edge technology
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