Qualified Settlement Fund Administration

Once a lawsuit settlement is won, the intense work of qualified settlement fund administration begins. A properly structured and managed QSF is essential for preserving plaintiff and defendant benefits, so it is very important for the fund to be solidly created and maintained.

Qualified settlement fund administration requires careful attention to every aspect of the fund. Generally, the administrator must manage:

  • Legal compliance,
  • Record keeping,
  • Investment,
  • Taxation,
  • Issue resolution between plaintiffs,
  • Fund settlement structure, and
  • Ultimate fund distribution.

Each of these must be carefully and diligently tended throughout the life of the QSF. A simple oversight or compliance failure can jeopardize or eliminate the benefits of the fund.

Early engagement of a QSF expert can make the all the difference in a successful fund administration. QSF legal requirements are vast, detailed, and difficult, and using an experienced QSF accountant from the outset can greatly simplify qualified settlement fund administration and preserve the benefits for all parties.

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