Benefits and Retirement Planning for Individuals

For many individuals, “retirement planning” consists of regular 401(k) contributions, faith in the company broker, and the hope that Social Security is still around.

Lordan CPA challenges this conventional notion of retirement planning. We invite you to take charge of your retirement with our comprehensive review of your current benefits and your options for the future.

Why use our accounting service for retirement planning?

  • We are objective. Unlike a broker or salesperson, we sell no investments and have no financial interest in your decisions.
  • We’re experienced as program planners and plan administrators, so we understand retirement plans from the inside.
  • We’ll tell you about your entire range of benefit options, including IRAs, insurance, annuities, and other choices to enhance your plan.
  • We understand the current and future tax impact of each choice, so you can maximize your contributions now and your benefits in retirement.
  • We take the time to understand you and your goals and create a long-term plan for your security.
  • We explain your choices in simple and clear terms, and we’ll be there to help you implement your plan.

Start making informed retirement planning decisions with the complete and thoughtful guidance of Lordan CPA.

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